Thursday, January 19, 2012


Well it turned out that I didn't really have to worry about the temptation of those tortilla chips on Tuesday night. You see our heat decided to stop working. Do you know how cold it is in Michigan right now? FREEEEEEEEEEEZING. Of course my husband was gone (of course, of course, of course) so here I am in a freezing house with a 1-year-old and 3-year-old wondering what the F to do. We have one space heater, so I got that going. And since we have a gas stove, I was able to turn on all 4 burners and that put off a ton of heat. Anyway, after putting the kids to bed in two pairs of pajamas and a lot of blankets, I proceeded to keep switching out the space heater from each of their rooms, so it wasn't too cold. I didn't want to fall asleep with the space heater on, afraid it would catch fire, so I pretty much was up until around 1am.

THEN (there's always a then) around 4am, the heat randomly kicks back on. But since I had been playing with the thermostat earlier, it was turned on 80 degrees. So I wake up at 4am about ready to suffocate from the heat.  So I get up, turn the thermostat down, then I had to sneak in the kids room and take their blankets off (since they still had the 2 pair's of pajamas on). Yeah... it was a pretty fun night. But no time to even think about food, so there's the positive I guess.

We had someone come out and look at the furnace yesterday and it's all fixed now, luckily. But why does this stuff always seem to happen when my husband is gone?

I'm still a big discouraged today. I weighed myself this morning and I'm the SAME WEIGHT as I was last week. WTF? I mean I know I had that one slip-up with the tortilla chips, but I've been working so hard, it was just very disappointing to see that number be the same on the scale. Makes me want to just say F-it. But I won't... I'll keep going, grudgingly.

I'm excited to meet up with my trainer on Saturday. I need a good workout. I haven't really been able to all week with my husband gone. So hopefully a good workout will help my spirits, it usually does.

Nothing too exciting on the schedule for this upcoming weekend. We've got plans on Saturday with a new friend that me and my friend J have been hanging out with lately. We met her through a Moms Group we are members of. She just moved here not too long ago with her husband and 2 boys. We've hung out with her a few times, but never had been to her house. Well about 2 weeks ago she had my friend and I over with the kids for a play date. HOLY SH*T! Her house is a freaking mansion. No joke. Yeah... guess her husband is a surgeon.

Anyway, she's invited us over (the husbands too) for a hang out, let the kids play, guys watching the game sort of evening. Should be fun. Maybe they will bust out some fabulous wine from the massive wine cellar they have in their basement.

Have a great weekend!


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