Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2 Pack Abs?

Dear Diary,
I've been very good at working-out this past week. Last night, even though my trainer canceled on me, I worked out anyway. I did an Comcast On-Demand (I sound like a damned Comcast commercial lately) cardio workout. My son J even joined me as I was kickboxing. It was hilarious watching my 3-year-old do the kicking and punching moves.

I also got my butt up at 6am and hopped on my spinning bike before work this morning. Holla! As I was showering before work, I looked at my body in the mirror. And even though when I weighed myself last week, I may have not lost any lbs on the scale, my body is changing. It's redistributing it's self. My stomach is what's probably most noticeable. I can actually see 2 of my (if I was thin) 6 pack abs. The 2 abdominal muscles right below my breasts are actually sticking out and defined (The remaining 4? Not sure where they are yet). As I was brushing my hair, I could see my shoulder and bicep muscles, were more toned. So it's happening and it feels good.

I read the most inspirational blog EVER this morning. A friend of mine sent me the link last night and the way this woman writes is amazing. She lost 135lbs. But just reading her story, her history, the way she puts it, was one of the most weight-loss inspiring things I've ever read. Check her out:


Luckily, I was able to reschedule my personal trainer for 8am tomorrow morning, before my husband leaves for his 7-day trip. So one final, great workout before the long stretch.

So I finally decided to be a "grown up" and switch up my book on tape selection from the teen romances to something else. I'm reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. I was warned by A that the first bit is pretty boring. And, oh, it was. But now it's starting to get good. I'm glad I stuck with it. Since my commute to work is 45 minutes each way, I've grown to loooooooooove my time in the car, with my books on tape. I don't really have too much time to read physical books anymore, so getting to do it in the car is perfect for me.

I'm loving my protein shakes in the mornings lately. It really does fill me up. Even this morning, with working out first thing (which normally makes me ravenous) I'm still feeling ok. I usually pop a handful of almonds around 11am and that will take me to lunch. I've been eating egg whites with either spinach or lean ham (with a bit of cheese) every day lately for lunch. I need to switch it up or I'm going to get bored. But its yummy, protein filled and low in carbs, plus easy to make. Mid afternoon snack has been a cheese stick and sometimes a few turkey pepperoni’s. I know the pepperoni’s aren't exactly the healthiest of things, but low in calories and carbs and oh so yummy.

Dinner is always my trouble area. I'm trying to eat with my kids more and not just sitting there, watching them eat. I don't need S growing up with eating issues like mine. I need her to see me eating a healthy, well balanced meals. So I'm truly making an effort to not skip dinner (which I do WAY too often) and eat with her and J (and my husband when he's home).

Tomorrow starts my husband's 7-day trip. SHOOT ME! But I am going to have positive thoughts about it. I think I will drive over to Detroit on Friday and spend the day/night with my parents. The kids haven't seen them since Christmas, so it's time. It's hard on me, and I don't get much sleep (since we are all packed in one room at night) but they need to see their grandparents. Plus my sister and her kids will stop by on Friday, which is nice for the kids to play with their cousins.

Ok... I'm totally rambling.... I'll stop now.



  1. Te he...2pack...So be honest: how many cds before you got into the Girl with The Dragon Tattoo. I tried the first cd 3 times before I gave up :-( and I'm a GIANT reader.

  2. Well I'm on disk 3 now and it's just STARTING to get good. 'A' keeps promising me it gets sooooo great, so I'm going to trust her on this one (she was so right when she recomended The Help to me) but it's definitely taking a while for me to get into it. I'll keep you updated on how I like it.


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