Monday, January 9, 2012

Carbs... you suck!

So my personal trainer came over on Friday and she is AWESOME! Loved her. Basically we just talked about me and my lifestyle. I let it all out too. Told her about my crazy eating habits, and how I lose the weight, than gain it, then lose it... etc. She said that not only would she put me on a great workout program but also an eating one too if I wanted it. Um... I was like hell YEAH I want to be put on an eating program.

So she's got me not only continuing to count calories like I've been doing, but also, no more than 40 grams of carbs a day. At least until we get a good bulk of weight off. It didn't sound that hard in theory, but man it is hard only having 40 grams of carbs. It adds up quick. I mean I've done the low carb thing before, but never at the same time as counting calories. I've usually done one or the other, but both at once is going to be challenging.

She was very excited that I wanted to do a sprint triathlon. She thinks that will be our overall goal, to train for the sprint triathlon. This way we accomplish our 2 main goals of losing weight and getting into shape. Plus it makes me feel better to have someone train with me for this, like I have some direction now. She's even going to help me in the pool with my swimming, which is definitely my biggest challenge on this. I've always been a biker and runner, but never a swimmer.

She took my measurements. I'm not really sure what are good and bad measurements, so it wasn't too bad. She DID weigh me though. It was so embarrassing to do in front of someone else. I mean my husband doesn't even know how much I weigh. But the positive is, I'm down 7lbs from late November when I last weighed myself. How I lost weight over the holidays is beyond me, but I was happy with it. I have a loooooooooooooooong way to go though. I need to lose 12 more pounds by Feb 20th. But with cutting some carbs out, I don't think that will be too much of an issue. As always, I'm great at losing weight, it's just keeping that weight off that is my problem.  Even after I lose the 12lbs by Feb 20th, I still need to lose about 15lbs more to be back where I was before kids. But, baby steps, I'm just going to worry about the Feb 20th deadline right now.

I felt so good after the trainer left on Friday that I went out for a run. It was 50 degrees here! That is crazy for Michigan in January. I actually had to take my windbreaker off and finished my run in a t-shirt. I ran 3 miles, which is pretty good. It was hard run for me though. Some days I feel like I can run forever, and some days, like Friday, it's HARD. But I did it and that's that.

Another issue I've been having lately that I haven't mentioned, is my lower back problem. I've always been a stomach sleeper. And after being pregnant and nursing my son J, I went back to sleeping on my stomach no problem. Then I got pregnant with S and when I was done nursing her last September, I tried to go back to sleeping on my stomach and for some reason it would hurt my lower back when I did it. So I just didn't do it, no big deal. But about a month ago, I noticed that now when I laid flat on my back when sleeping, my lower back would start to hurt. Then it started hurting even when I was sleeping on my side. Then I started noticing at the end of the day my back would start to ache. So on Friday, after my run, my back hurt soooooooooo bad. So I called my doc up to make an appointment and they said I could come in right then if I wanted to. So I dropped the kids off at my sister-in-law's and went.

Well they did x-rays and everything on my back and nothing showed up. He said that was good, no slipped disc or anything. He thinks the problem is deep in my back, within the muscles. He thinks something got "off" during my last pregnancy, alignment-wise. He also thinks that all the sit-ups I've been doing for the past 6 weeks have exasperated the situation. My core is weak (hence the reason why I'm doing the damned sit-ups to begin with) and so I'm "straining my back while doing them, to compensate for my weak abs" (super, thanks for that doc). So he wants me to stop my 200 Sit Up Challenge... which totally blows. But I need to strengthen my core more slowly. He gave me some back exercises to do, and I will let my trainer know this and she can work with me on this too. So hopefully my back pain will come to an end soon. Because let me tell you, it sucks!

The doctor also gave me some muscle relaxers to take before bed, to relieve some of the tension on my back muscles. WOW, these suckers are strong. I hate them. Them make me groggy for the entire next day. UGH! So unless I am in ALOT of pain I am not taking these. I didn't even get up to workout before work this morning because I was so groggy. And that is not good. I'm very disappointed in myself for not doing this (though I have been sleeping a lot better and my back hasn't been hurting).

We did go for a nice hike on Saturday, kids and all. The Appalachian Trail goes through the city I live in, so we put S in the backpack hiker (on my husband) and we all set out for the woods. It was fun and a great workout. It can get quite hilly... plus I had to help J up a lot of the hills, so carrying a 3-year-old up a big ass hill is hard.

Ok, sorry this was a long and rambling post, but so much has been going on. Happy Monday!


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