Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Betty Frickin Crocker

WHAT is up with people bringing the bakery goods in the office lately? I walk into the office this morning and there is a chocolate cake sitting there. With caramel filling... oooooozing out of it. I mean really? Is someone trying to torture me?

Anyhoo, had to rant there for a sec. Well this is a glorious Tuesday because my husband comes home today... whooooo hoooooo! I survived 7 long days alone with 2 kids. I swear I don't know how these military wives do this for months/years at a time. I bow down to them, they are much stronger than I am.

So, I'm a bit annoyed with my trainer. She canceled twice on me last week. Then when she tried to reschedule I explained to her that my husband was gone for 7 days, but if she could squeeze me in this Wednesday that would be great. She said she'd let me know... which she didn't. So when I contacted her yesterday asking what was up, she said she couldn't do Wednesday and asked about next week. Well my husband only has 4 days off and then he's back to work next week, so I can't do next week. I get that I don't have the easiest schedule in the world to work with, but these cancelations and not getting back to me on things is starting to bug me. Anyway, I guess it's free, so I should just shut my yap about it, but it's frustrating.

I am chopping my hair off tomorrow. My hair is pretty long (mid back length) and thick. So styling it takes a while. Blow-drying alone takes forever and a day. I'm just over it. Because I lack the time to sit there and "do" my hair for an hour, it usually ends up in a ponytail most days. So what's the point of long hair when you never wear it down? When I actually do my hair, I looooooooove it. It looks good, if I do say so myself. But unfortunately, I don't ever get to style it, so yeah... it needs to be shorter so it takes less time to style. I will take a before and after photo tonight, and post it on here. But I'm excited. I am bringing in this photo of Jennifer Aniston's newest style
Cute, right? Plus it should be much easier and take less time to style. So we'll see. My hair is pretty much the same color as hers too (maybe just a bit blonder). Now if only I had her figure to go with the  new hair... ha ha

I also have an appointment tomorrow with my OB/GYN to talk about getting Essure. I currently have the Mirena, which I love. But I was looking for more of a permanent birth control. Because let me tell you, I am DONE having kids. I love my 2, but I certainly don't want anymore. Anyway, Essure is like a coil that they put into your tubes that closes them up. Sort of like tube tying, without the surgery. Here's a link/photo on it, in case you are curious:


So I have a consultation on that tomorrow. Should be interesting.

I also have a super fun 'Jean Party' on Thursday night. They are designer jeans at half the price. My sister-in-law is having it at her house with lots of fun wine and food (which I will stay away from... the food, not the wine... come on, you know I'm a wino). So I'm curious to see what they have there. I'd love a pair of Seven jeans... though I almost hate to buy a pair at my current weight, which I don't plan on staying at for much longer... we'll see.

Ok, back to work. Send 'skinny' thoughts my way so I stay the hell away from that chocolate caramel cake RIGHT outside my cube...


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