Monday, January 30, 2012

Peanut Butter Play-Doh... Dinner of Champs

Well I survived my husband-free weekend. It was very long, and I still ended up yelling at my 3-year-old about 5000 times (though to my defense he was being a jerk-off most of the time). But now I'm in the home stretch. Two more days, and he's home. Plus I work Monday's and Tuesday's, so it's easy. I'm probably the only one who loves Monday's. I practically skipped into work this morning, I was so happy to be here and out of the house.

I had a good time at my parents house though. The kids were ecstatic, which is all that matters. For some reason J was up ALL night on Friday night, so not a whole lot of sleep for me.  I thought that by bringing him into my bed, it would help him sleep...yeah I don't know why I do that because that NEVER works. I basically spent the remainder of the night getting kicked and hit in the face and head while he flailed around in his sleep.

We got like a frickin foot of snow while I was in Detroit. So when the kids went down for a nap yesterday afternoon, I had a lot to tackle, shoveling-wise. A foot of snow is A LOT to shovel all by your lonesome. Though my lovely neighbor did come over and help me a bit, which rocked. But I got my workout in for the day doing that. Plus I did 500 jump ropes in the garage afterwards. Trying to get that cardio in.

Easting-wise I did ok. Not spectacular, but better than normal when I go to my parents. They have a lot of my "trigger" foods in their house, so it's always a struggle when I go there. Also, I made my kids peanut butter Play-Doh yesterday.... yeah, that's some good sh*t. Totally easy to make and YUMMY! I had to cut myself off from munching on it. (For all you mom's, here's the recipe: 1 Cup of creamy peanut butter, 2 cups powdered sugar, 1/2 cup honey... mix and there you go!)

I found a new calorie tracking website that I'm LOVING. 
Check it out, its easy and a great way to track what you're eating. Especially now since I'm not only tracking my calories, but also carbs, which basically means I get to eat nothing... but it helps a lot.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is really starting to get good now. I'm glad I stuck with it. The beginning is really, really boring. And there were sooooo many times I almost bailed. But, I'm really starting to like it. But, since I listen to it on cd on my commute to work, sometimes my mind wanders and I find myself having to rewind it a lot. This is one of those books where you really have to pay attention.

Ok, more later, got to get to work


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