Wednesday, May 9, 2012

To Tube or not to Tube... that is the Question

So I am taking S to the Ears Nose and Throat doctor today. I'm assuming they will check her ears out and give us our options. More than likely I think they will want us to get tubes. But we'll see I guess. Part of me wants her to get the tubes because she's just had sooooo many ear infections. And being on antibiotics nonstop can't be very good for her. But there's also the opinion, because it's Spring and Summer, and cold and flu season are coming to an end, to wait for the Fall and see where we are at. I just want to do the right thing for her, I just wish I knew what that was.

Anyway, I'm getting excited for A's visit tomorrow. It will be quick, but fun! I'm sure the boys will have a blast together.

My mother-in-law comes in on Friday. She'll be busy at a Mary Kay event that day, but after that she will be around to help me. On Saturday there is a carnival at my niece's elementary school, so I know she said she would take both kids and give me a break. So that will be nice. I will take some of that time and get a good workout in. I haven't been able to workout once since husband has been gone. I usually workout when the kids nap, but with all the extra added things I've got to do with husband being gone, I just haven't had that time. I pretty much get all of that stuff done while they are asleep. So I am looking forward to a nice long workout.

Sunday, my mother-in-law is taking S home with her. I'm already getting sad about it. I'm going to miss my girl. It will be very nice to only have one child for a few days, but at the same time I want to be with her. I'll be zooming up there after work on Thursday, to go get her for sure.

Eating wise, I've been doing well. No real huge slip-ups yet. I did have a slice of pizza on Sunday, but it was just plain cheese. Normally I'd eat the whole darn pizza, so only have a little bit is good for me.I didn't even get any popcorn at the Hunger Games on Sunday. Now THAT was hard! I'm almost to the halfway point until husband comes home, so slowly but surely we'll get there.



  1. tubes now. take her out of her misery. she'll undoubtedly do lots of swimming this summer and that will continue to aggravate the ear infection cycle unless she gets the tubes.

    1. yup, that's what the doctor said today, get them and get them fast! ha ha. But he said that there were no water restrictions on tubes, which is good. I thought that they couldn't be submerged in water when they had them, but I guess that's old school. May 29th is the date!


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