Thursday, May 10, 2012

Things I Thought I Would Never Do As A Parent...

  • Let my children watch as much tv as I do. But hey, sometimes I NEED to get something done and as much as I've tried using other things to entertain them, tv works the best.  So suck it judgers!

  • Be so out of tune on what music is popular today. I couldn't tell you one top 10 song right now. Complete lie, I totally know that One Direction song 'What Makes You Beautiful.'

  • Know every word to every Wiggles song ever made.

  • Give my kids food while grocery shopping, just to keep them occupied so I can shop in peace.

  • Keep a box of fruit snacks in my car for emergencies. Especially falling asleep when I don't want them to, type of emergencies (quick car naps are the kiss of death for your child's intended, long afternoon nap).

  • Have only children music cd's in my car. I have not one of my own in my car currently (unless you count books on tape).

  • Bribe my children. We started bribing J with M&M's if he would go #2 on the potty. And now I can't get it to stop. I swear he will be 15 years old and asking me for M&M's after he poops.

  • Say the phrases my parents said to me as a child. Especially the "you are driving me crazy!" line. Sorry mom and dad, I bet I did drive you crazy.

  • Serve my children chicken nuggets for breakfast dinner.

  • Spend hours upon hours planning my kids birthday parties and stress over details that no one will ever notice, much less appreciate.

  • Do just about ANYTHING to get my child back to sleep, once they wake up in the middle of the night. Including crawling out of their room on my hands and knees, just so they won't hear my ankle creak and notice that I'm leaving.

  • Judge other people a lot less. Before I had kids I was Mrs. Judgment on everyone who had kids. I thought, I would NEVER let my kids do that. Or I would NEVER let them act that way... HA! Joke's on me now. But I've got to say, when I hear that kid screaming at the grocery store, or throwing food on the floor at a restaurant, I don't judge. I get it's all about survival at that point and I usually give the mother an encouraging smile.

Side note: Doctor said for sure on the tubes for S. So May 29th is surgery day for her.


  1. Hoping tubes goes well! We've been putting it off with one of mine - he's doing a little better.

    I can't keep snacks in the car anymore due to the mouse problem - I've caught TEN mice in my minivan since September! Ick!

  2. Haha...I'm so glad you shared this! It's nice to know I'm not the only one who does these things.


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