Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ignore My Lisssssssssssssp

So day 1 of healthy eating went well. I was surprisingly not that hungry. I easily stayed under my calories for the day, and almost stayed under my carbs. I don't follow the carb thing too closely, my trainer had suggested I try and stay under 40 grams a day. But that's pretty hard to do, so I try to stay between 40 & 60 if I can.

Talked to husband last night and his first day at flight school went well. He was in a classroom for 8 hours (UGH!) and was a bit wary of having to do this for 24 more days. I think they get Sunday's off, so to be in a classroom, 6 days a week, 8 hours a day, sounds a bit depressing to me. I so could never be a pilot.

I've got my sister coming on Sunday with her daughter to spend the night. We are going to get a sitter to watch the kids for a bit and go see Hunger Games. I just finished the book last week. LOVED it! So I'm excited to see the movie.

And then A and her son come in on Thursday! Whooooo! I'm very excited to see her. Plus I just booked my ticket to Atlanta for June to come out for her housewarming/birthday party on June 9th. I haven't been to Atlanta for ages, so I'm very excited to go out there and see her new house. I can't remember the last time A and I got to see each other 2 months in a row.

I have 2 appointments today. One for my root canal and one for my elbow. I'm very happy for both actually. The pain in my tooth and elbow is constant and I'm looking forward for the pain to stop. I'm going to assume I'll be getting one of those lovely and painful cortizone shots in my elbow. But hey, whatever works. So I'm only working a half day today and then I'm off and running while the kids are in daycare. I'm sure when I pick them up I'll be lisping like crazy, due to my numb mouth.

Happy Tuesday all!

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