Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I Promise, I'm Alive

I've been neglecting you the past week, dear blog. I'm so very sorry, I just can't seem to catch up on life, since husband came home. It's been SUCH a whirl wind. And to top it off, S had her tubes put in this morning, so yet another day off of work to take her to the hospital.

But the tube procedure went GREAT! We were up all night last night with S, and just as I suspected, she had the start of another ear infection. So this is a good thing we did this today. She was a rock star throughout the entire process. Except for when they had to take her away to give her the anesthesia. She was screaming for me as they carried her away down the hall. I, of course, started crying. There's nothing more heart breaking as a parent, to see your child scream for you and for you not to be able to go hold her. But we were back home by 9:30am and she's been playing ever since.

This weekend was really fun. Saturday we drove down to the Detroit area for a bbq with my parents and sister and her new house. It was really fun. My parents brought their bounce house and the kids had a blast.

Last night we had friends over for our own bbq. The kids swam, played, blew bubbles and had fun together. The adults got to drink beer... so all is good. After dinner, we gave the kids ice cream out on our deck and S thought it would be hilarious to smoosh her face up against the door... and it kinda was.

Ok, I'm at work tomorrow and will be back to a more normal blogging schedule now. Thanks for your patience!


1 comment:

  1. So glad her surgery went well!

    I cried when they wheeled my oldest off to anesthesia too - he was only 2 at the time and it broke my heart.


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