Monday, May 7, 2012

Later Week 1!

Happy Monday all! I survived my first husband-less weekend with the kiddos. And it actually wasn't half bad.. ha ha. Except for a little snafu on Saturday night, we had a fun weekend. For some odd reason S was up from 11pm-3am on Saturday night. MAN I had forgotten what that kind of sleep deprevation feels like. I'm still a zombie today from it.

But other than that we survived. Saturday, before dinner at a friend's house, I took the kids to the Rogue River Dam in Rockford, since every time we pass it the kids ask me to stop there and we are always in a hurry so we can't. It's a very cool place and they had a wedding and tons of prom kids there taking pictures, which was fun to watch. The kids loved it! J sat there and threw sticks in the water the whole time. He would have done that all day if I had let him.

After that, we had dinner at my friend's house. She's also has 2 children, J & S's ages, so they ran around like crazy and I got to chill for a bit. If it weren't for S being up all night, it would have been the perfect day.

Sunday, my sister and niece came up for the day/night. We had a babysitter watch the kids in the afternoon and we went and saw The Hunger Games. AWESOME movie!!! Loved it and can't wait to start the 2nd book.

Again, the kids ran around like crazy all day with their cousin. They were exhausted last night, and everyone slept. My poor niece had her pack and play set up in the bathroom, since that was the only room left for her... ha ha. But she didn't seem to mind.

So here starts week 2 of husband being gone. One week down, 2-1/2 more to go! The good news is not only does A come in on Thursday night for a visit (yay!) but my mother-in-law comes in on Friday to help me. So if I can just make it to Thursday, I'll have help the rest of the time husband is gone.


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