Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Day 2. I Did It!

Hello Web Friends!  Well, I did it.  Day 2 and I got up and ran at 6:30a...and it SUCKEDDD while I was doing it but boy do I feel better for having done it.  Tomorrow I will try and do the same thing, fingers crossed I can keep up the trend.  And, being totally honest - the comment about thinking about how badly Square 1 sucks will help me tomorrow morning, thanks for that!
Life is good on this side otherwise, we had a FANTASTIC time up in MI and I saw V post a pic one time so I am going to too. This is from my mom's house and B and I relaxing in the "da-kuzzi" as he called it. Thinking back now, is it even safe for a toddler to be in one? Lord I hope so.
We ate like TOTAL pigs and he puked 4x in the rental car on the way back to the airport, 3.5hrs in the car with that - not cool.  But, whatevs - we get through.  I even told the people that I filled the car up with gas and I didn't - E is going to be SO MAD at me when they charge our card. I JUST COULDN'T do it - mad exhausted and I needed to roll.
I've been good this week eating wise, we've cooked healthy meals and I've worked out 2x.  This is BIG for me in the trend of bad eating and fatness that has become my normal.  Such is life and again, we all need to start somewhere - and here I am, heading into day 3 tomorrow.  I will cook healthy again tonight and resist the urge to say, I've been good this week - PIZZA tonight.  I wont do it, even though I want to.
Later Webbies!


  1. I love this pic of you and B... and I love your Zoro mask -V

  2. You'll post pics of your kids but not you?


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