Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Life with One Child

It is very strange to only have one child. I'm loving it and hating it all at once. I'm loving the one-on-one time with J. I'm loving the freedom I have because J is much more chill than S (there's such a big difference between 3 years old and 1 years old at this age). He'll just hang out and I can actually get stuff done. S pretty much wants me to be with her, either holding her, or her sitting in my lap 24/7. So basically I get nothing done when she's around. But I also miss my girl. I miss her hugs and snuggles. And J misses her too. When I picked him up at school yesterday he was  like "ok, let's go get S!" I had to remind him that she was at grandma's and he was not happy.

But we had a lovely night again, just the two of us. Dinner and then again we laid in my big bed and watched Fresh Beat Band (his new fav. show) until his bedtime. It was nice to snuggle with him. Part of me feels bad for ever complaining how hard it was when I only had one child. Hell, this is a breeze compared to 2!

Husband called around 9:30pm last night and I was kind of pissy with him. I NEED to get over this Mother's Day thing. But it was like rubbing salt in my wounds yesterday. ALL DAY LONG at work I had about 5 billion people come up to me asking me "how was your Mother's Day? What did you get? What did your husband get you?" Really? And how awkward everyone felt when I said I got nothing... ha ha. So it was still raw when he called. And I know you are just thinking, well tell him you feel this way. But I've had so many similar conversations with husband about just this topic, what else is there to say? I need to just get over this and accept the fact that he sucks at holidays and I will never get anything. As one of my commenters, Kate said, I need to buy myself flowers or a gift if it means so much to me. So I think I just will from now on, good advice.

Ok, no more pity party for me. I promise I will end this party now and be resentful move on.

I'm up to my eyeballs in freelance work right now and between that and my actual job work, I'm pretty busy trying to get it all done. But freelance is good, it's more money, so I need too keep it up.


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