Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saturday Success

Well, I got up this morning and ran again - I didn't drink wine last night (though I ate an entire burrito @ Willy's - like Moe's) and I ran for 20 straight minutes and walked for another 10 - OK, you can stop laughing now, please see "square 1" reference - this is really good for me!  I worked out 4x this week and am feeling really proud of myself.  Thank you again for the comment "remember how badly square 1 sucks" to keep myself going - that is helping a lot.  I honestly could have kept running for another 10 (I think) but I didn't want to push it and think I have to keep at that pace until I'm really ready to be there.  So, in other words, now I know I can run for a straight 20 and keep going strong and it shouldn't be an issue going forward.  Weird psychological games I have to play to keep it up, whatever works.
Hopefully this will be me soon:
V- tick-tock goes the husband arrival clock, getting close - hang in there buddy!
Have a GREAT weekend webfriends!

1 comment:

  1. I am inspired by your commitment to physical fitness! I'm lucky if I get a 40 minute walk in my day but I always feel better after. Great job. =)


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