Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thank You Mexico and B's Birthday

As I feel its necessary to always assign blame to my random "fall off the diet wagon" situations I will give credit this time to my recent wine infused trip to Mexico and my son's 4th birthday. I have indulged beyond believe on both and its silliness. 
Mexico was wonderful, was a great time and E and I got to totally unwind and we needed it badly.  Happy to be home but miss the beautiful weather and water desperately.
B's birthday was on Valentines Day and E's mom and dad were here so it was extra nice.  I helped myself to his extra large cupcake and peitit fours (note the plural).  The sad part is that his birthday party is this Saturday @ a cooking school and I know I will over-indulge there too.  COME ON. 
Anywhoo - paying the piper is never fun but but alas here I am again, paying my dues and blaming everyone but me.  Off to Zumba tonight with my friend G. and back on the calorie watching wagon.
Wish me luck and strength my web-friends.  The road to skinny is never easy and I continue to live the dream.

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