Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Chocolate Milk Bribe

It's been a crazy busy day so far. Husband is out town **shock** so the kiddos and I have been running around all day. We went to our usual Wednesday play group at the local elementary school this morning. Then we hit the grocery store and finally, back home. I threw some lunch together for the kids and put them down for a nap. Then ran around like a mad woman, cleaning my  house because I have a friend coming over later. I also managed to squeeze in a quick, 30 Day Shred workout. WHEW!

It's 1:52pm and all I've had all day to eat is a protein shake. STARVING!

I'm excited to see my friend though. She was the Editor and I was the Art Director at a magazine we used to work at together... ahhhh the pre-kid days, where I actually had a powerful, high paying job. She's got a little boy now and is pregnant with #2. I've bribed J with chocolate milk for dinner if he is nice and shares his toys. We still have issues with this when children come over sometimes. I am so not above bribing my children with food... so suck it "super moms" who scoff at me :)

Ok, no time to rest, need to make some lunch and hop in the shower... busy busy busy


Food Log 2/22/12:
Breakfast: protein shake

Lunch: cheese quesadilla with black olives and salsa

Dinner: pizza, wine

30 Day Shred

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