Tuesday, February 14, 2012

High's & Low's of the Florida Trip


- Kids were SO excited to see their grandparents

- Got TONS and TONS of exercise

- I think I actually lost weight on this vacation.... that is a vacation first for me

- I have actual tan lines from playing tennis

- The kids loved the pools, especially the kiddie pool. It was adorable

- My mother-in-law served wine for lunch (that is a woman after my own heart)

- After said wine, I still went to the pool and swam 1/4 mile in laps in the indoor pool

- The plane ride home was a breeze, the kids were really well behaved

- They had a huge bounce pillow at the resort, it was SO fun. I was actually sore the next day from bouncing so much

- This place had 3 hot tubs... ahhhhhhhhh

- When I had to take off my belt at the security check point, my pants almost fell off they are so big on me now.

- Husband and I went to the bar one night at the resort and got pretty sh*t-faced. We biked back to the 5th Wheel and I swear I almost bit it, several times. Had a blast though. I can't remember the last time I got to go to the bar with my husband.

The Low's:

- Was VERY hung over from night at the bar

- The plane ride out there was a disaster. Both kids were over tired from getting up at 5:30am. S was a total spaz on the plane, not understanding why she couldn't get up and walk around.

- I charged our portable dvd player for the plane ride, but didn't realize it was "on" so it never charged... our kids were PISSED

- One of the days we were there, Florida got a HUGE cold front and it was only 56 degrees....  brrrrr

- Not a lot of sleep when you are sleeping in the same room as everyone

- J and S both fell multiple times and scraped up both their knees

- I almost got attacked by a dog. Scared the living daylights out of me... and I love dogs


Food log 2/14/12:

Protein Shake

Cheese quesadilla on whole wheat torillas, with black olives and salsa.

Cupcake and wine... thanks to husband's Valentine's Day gift


  1. What a fun vacation you had. Glad the kids loved it. Traveling with little ones is NOT easy

  2. Sounds like our FL vacation...with the good comes the bad:)


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