Monday, February 27, 2012

Butt Officially Kicked

I had sort of a bad eating week, last week. I just made poor choices, start to finish. I'm not sure if it's because I had junk food last Sunday and it spiraled from there, or what. But I just had insatiable hunger all week and nothing seemed to satisfy me. Anyway, I carbed out all week and it wasn't pretty.

But I confessed to my trainer yesterday how bad I had been and asked her to kick my butt.... which she SO did. She had me doing intervals on the treadmill. If you've read my previous posts, you know I LOVE intervals. She had me start with running for 45 seconds and then walking for 30 seconds and so forth... total piece of cake. But then she had me put the treadmill on a 10 incline and continue with the running for 45 seconds. Holy crap, that was hard. I've never really ran on such a steep incline before. Butt was officially kicked.

Today is a new week and having confessed to my trainer, and now you, on my crap eating last week, I am ready to start fresh. I've been slacking on logging my food in over at so I'm back to that. Even though I track my food on here, I'm not tracking portions, calories and carbs. And this is definitely needed for me. I can pack a lot of food in.

I also got my butt up this morning and got on my spinning bike before work. No hitting snooze for me! Though I slept for crap. When I have to get up super early, I have a tendency to stare at the clock all night. So 4am I was up, 5am, 5:30am... all staring at the clock. So I'm exhausted right now. Oh well.

Had a very nice weekend. Husband came home from his trip a day early (Friday) so it was nice having us both home all weekend with the kids. We played in the snow, built a snowman and went sledding. Good times.

Last night I was putting J to bed:

Me:  "Do you know you are my favorite little boy in the whole world?"
J: "Mommy, I am not a little boy!"
Me: "Well, what are you then?"
J: Mommy, I'm J (middle name) (last name) from Grand Rapids!"

Well, it's a good thing he knows exactly who he is...

Ok, here's a to a healthy eating week!


Food Log 2/27/12:
Breakfast: Protein Shake

1 Cadbury Egg (the root of all evil!)

2 Turkey Burgers with cheese. No bread.
Turkey pepperoni with a cheese stick
2 mini peppermint patties


Workout: Spinning

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  1. Aw, J is so sweet. What a big boy that he knows his full name and city.. ha ha


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