Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Contest Fit For All

Well, here I am again - 10 lbs up.  Awesomness.I will now start doing V's food and workout log as she swears I will will be better for it.  I will also mirror V's contest with her husband. My husband popped on the scale today and openly told me a) the scale is a liar and b) he would be buying a new one this weekend and throwing this one out.  Hey man, I'm cool with that - good to know hes come to the crazy side of things with me.
I was at a dinner party this past weekend and the person I was sitting next to is a surgeon who was chatting me up about my knees.  He gave me all kinds of great advice and then we got to my weight, he told me each pound over I am accounts for 8lbs of unnecessary pressure on my knees.  That would be 80 right now for me, again - awesomness.  He also told me running is tough on them and to watch the Zumba.  DAMN IT, I don't need another excuse but I shall continue on. He also made a comment that still has me reeling, he said - you know as I got close to and hit 40 things completely changed with my body.  I cannot stop thinking about that.  I am going to be 37 in June, is that what is happening to me? I think it could be part of it, my body is changing and getting older - I don't "feel" like I'm getting older but alas, I am.  My initial gut reaction is to be depressed about it, instead I will be positive and say thank goodness I am still alive to deal with this and I will embrace getting healthy and dealing with these changes with a smile.  I  too will overcome this challenge.

Food Log 2/21/12:
Breakfast - Yogurt & Coffee
Lunch - Light Progresso Vegetable Soup/Diet Coke


  1. wow, that is depressing about the knee thing. 1. I am over weight
    2. I run
    3. I do zumba
    4. I have shitty knees

    good times

  2. you are doing great on keeping this food log on here... ;)


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