Friday, February 24, 2012

10 Friday Thoughts

1. I'm thinking of pulling J out of daycare in the Fall and enrolling him into preschool at the local elementary school. I would have to quit my job though, since his school is only 3  half days a week.

2. This freaks me out because I just don't know if I'm cut out to be a stay-at-home mom. But I know it's not about me, it's about what is best for my kids. And I'm just not happy with the lack of structure in the older kids classrooms at my current daycare.

3. Favorite new blog:

4. I totally want to get bangs like this:
but I am scared to. Especially because I have a weird cow-lick, and bangs don't usually work on me.

5. I cannot comprehend why someone would oppose gay marriage. No H8 people.

6. Since keeping a food jouirnal on this site, I've been slacking at logging it in over at which is bad. Because I don't track calories or carbs on this site and I NEED to.

7. I am utterly amazed at the power that Elmo has over my kids.

8. I just shoveled like a foot of heavy, wet snow. I'm not sure if I've ever sweated that much shoveling in my life.

9. That SO counts as my workout today.

10. Being that we are snowed-in today, I blew up an entire bag of balloons for my kids to play with... I seriously almost passed out.

Have a great weekend!

Food Log 2/25/12:
egg whites and turkey sausage

Cheese quesadilla with tomato and black olives, on whole grain, low carb tortillas

Shoveling my ass off :)


  1. Elmo is a total cult leader... I swear

  2. OMG I HAD A DREAM I HAD BANGS LIKE THAT, im too scared to get them.


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