Thursday, February 23, 2012

Purple Leotard

So I click on the webcam to my daycare to check on the kids. J is sitting at the table, eating breakfast, wearing a purple leotard over his clothes... not quite sure what to think of that. Here's the screenshot:

Had a great time with my friend yesterday. We ended up getting pizza for dinner, so that part wasn't so great. After the eating spectacle on Sunday, I really didn't need to eat any more crap. My stomach is all messed up today from it too. It's amazing how once you get healthy, your stomach gets used to it and doesn't like crap anymore.

We're supposed to get 6 inches of snow tonight **sigh**. So much for going running when husband gets home this weekend.


Food Log 2/23/12:
Protein Shake

3 mini peppermint patties

Weight Watchers frozen meal, Slow Roasted Turkey with Potatoes
Turkey pepperoni & cheese

1 comment:

  1. A daycare web cam?! That's awesome!! Wow, things have really changed since my kids were in daycare!


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