Friday, February 3, 2012

Serenity Now....

And I mean that literally. We came up north today to the lake house my husband's parents live at in the summer (they live in Florida in the winters). It's so pretty and peaceful up here. It's fun to just sit and watch all the ice fishermen and wild life. Both kids are down for a nap and husband is off trying to get his snowmobile started... peace and quiet.

Hoping to get a run in, when he gets back.

I had a great time at the Denim Party I went to last night. I didn't end up buying any jeans. They were definitely "junior" type fitting jeans. And they were either skin tight on me or so big I could pull them off without even unzipping. But I was ok with not buying any. I really don't want or need to get jeans right now. I don't plan on being this size for long. But I had fun seeing my friends and drinking one two glasses of wine while I was there.

Have a great weekend!


Food Log 2/3/12:

Protein Bar

-Protein Shake
-2 pieces of cheese
-2 whole grain crackers
-2 Choc Chip cookies (damn you mother-in-law for having these in your house!)

Grilled cheese on whole grain bread

(suppose to have) Chicken Tacos
Big fat glass of wine

Hoping to get a run in, but it depends on what time husband comes back

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