Saturday, February 11, 2012

En Espanol

Well, I'm in Mexico and I cannot even pretend that I've been eating all.  Breakfast may be my only saving grace but Pina Colodas, Margaritas and snacks all day have been my reality.  E has played tennis, golf and been all kind of physical while I've sat at the beach and relaxed - must admit its been SO NICE to just "b" for a bit.  I am ready for home, we leave at like 7a tomorrow morning and that means we are up and out around 5a - that also means I should try and stay sober today and this evening...note to self "trying is the first step".  Everything is in Spanish and though I cannot speak only very little I am navigating this site pretty well.  Proud of myself.
Also, disturbing but I had an AWFUL dream last night that "b" was kidnapped - I woke up at like 6a totally freaking out and didn't want to tell E because I didn't want to upset him too.  I hate when dreams feel so real that you cannot shake them, probably also why I'm a little ready to be home as silly as that sounds.
OK, A OUT - must get back to the beach and that amazing blue water - ahhhhhhhh.

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