Monday, June 4, 2012

Holy Soreness!

So our new nanny starts today! I'm not gonna lie, I'm a bit nervous. I'm not sure why, since Ms. K has taken care of J for the past 8 months at daycare. But I guess it's different when someone is in your own home. I'm worried she's not going to be able to find something she needs, I'm worried my kids will be total spaz's because they are excited, I'm worried worried worried about little, silly stuff. I made up a hand book of sorts for her, which does have a lot of info in it. But there's just SO much when it comes to your children, it would have been 80 pages long if I put every last thing into it.

Plus it didn't help that last night husband came up to me and asked me to give him anything of great value (jewelry, etc.) to put in our safe "just in case."  Well cool, thanks for that husband, now I'm even MORE nervous... ha ha.

But I'm so happy I am trying this. I got a facebook message from another mother who's child was in J's classroom. She told me that they took S's teacher out of her room and put her into another room. So if we had stayed, S would have also had to get used to a new teacher. And the teacher they put in S's room is this old, crabby lady, who in my opinion, has no business working in a daycare. AND on Saturday, I saw another mom of a child in J's class who also quit daycare last week, for the same reasons I did. So this was a needed move... I just need to keep telling myself that throughout the day today.

The good thing is that husband has water training this morning (in case, God forbid, his plane should ever go down in water, he can survive) and then he's back home for a short while and then off again to fly at 5pm. So he'll be able to "check-in" around lunch time to see how everything is going.

I've been super good on the workouts. I did 30 Day Shred last Friday and yesterday. Holy Soreness!! I also got up at 6am today and ran. I'm trying to slowly get back into running after this whole pinched nerve in my rear issue. It's still there, but according to the doctor, it's just going to have to work itself out. So I speed walked a mile, ran about a 1-1/4 mile and then speed walked another 1/2 mile to cool down. The pinched nerve didn't really hurt much, I felt it, but I wouldn't say it was super painful. It was a HARD 1-1/4 mile run though. How sad last March I was training for a 10K and now I can barely run 2 miles. But I just don't to injure myself more. So I'm going to slowly ease back into it, only running once a week. But I'm glad I did it. I love that it's light so early in the summer, so I can get outside and exercise. It's so much better than working out in my basement.

Ok, work to be done!

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  1. I definitely know how nervewrecking it is. We used a nanny for my oldest's first 2 years. I remember when I handed him over at the age of 3 months I spent the day so terrified. But our nanny was so wonderful and we still keep in touch and I wouldn't hesitate to ever use her as a sitter for any of my boys. She loved him like her own.


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