Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Just Call Me Mrs. Frankenstein

Well I certainly paid the price for running yesterday. I could barely walk by the end of the day, my butt muscles were so sore and tight (sorry TMI).  I was walking around like Frankenstein for most of the day. I would say my pinched nerve is definitely not healed yet and I'm highly annoyed.It's not like I ran 5 miles, my God! I'm feeling ok this morning though. It's hard to tell if I'm sore from running or 30 Day Shred. Either way, it's a good sore this morning, not the painful kind I was in last night.

Our first day with the nanny seemed to go well. She was only there a short while, since husband's flight got changed to much later. So I think she went home at 1pm. But today she's there all day, so hopefully things will continue to go smoothly. S was still sleeping when I left the house, so I hope she doesn't freak out when she wakes up and Ms. K comes into her room. Hopefully since she was there yesterday, she won't be too afraid.

I leave for Atlanta on Thursday to go visit A for the weekend. I'm getting really excited. My sister just stopped nursing her baby so I have a feeling there is going to be a lot of drinking done. The bad part about this trip is that I don't have a suitcase. Husband hijacked mine and now I need to borrow one from someone. We do have more than one suitcase, but the other one we have is MASSIVE. And I am not lugging that thing for a weekend trip. And my white noise machine broke. I am one of those people who cannot sleep without white noise or a fan noise in the background. My travel noisemaker broke, so I have no idea how I'm supposed to sleep now. I keep forgetting to email A and see if she has one.

So I have a bunch of baby stuff I want to get rid of on CraigsList. I've never actually sold anything on there before. I know I need to put down an email address but should I make up a new one just for CraigsList stuff? I don't want to get a bunch of spam sent to me? Anyone know this? Any other tips?



  1. You will get a ton of spam if you list your email. What I started doing is listing my phone number (minus area code, because anyone who is local and legit would know the area code). Just make sure to tell them what hours they can call so you don't get calls at 1 am (which has happened to us before - believe it or not - crazy people!)

    OMG, yes on the noise machine. I can't survive without white noise when sleeping!

  2. I'm getting rid of all my baby stuff too! My garage is overflowing with a ton of crap, and I honestly don't know why I have some of the stuff I do (seriously 5 strollers- Why???)

    Fortunately, we have Kijji here in Canada that is similar to Craigslist but has way more privacy. I choose it over Craigslist all the time. For sites like that, I've created my junk email file.

    1. I have soooo strollers too! I have like 3 regular strollers and 2 double strollers? WTF? Why do I need all those?


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