Sunday, July 29, 2012

Forever + 1 Day + 10lbs

OMG - its been forever that i've blogged and the reality is that I am up 10lbs and I want to CRY.  I have kicked it into full gear (again) and have joined the "My Fitness Pal" deal.  I've been tracking for a full 24hrs (yes, it's a big step) and I even went out and exercised this morning.
Getting older kinda SUCKS as what I used to be able to eat and not think twice about now stays...and that BOTHERS me.  I am making conscious efforts to not do my "new normal".  Yesterday at a Bday party I didn't a) have a cupcake b) eat cake but I did c) drink wine and chose veggies as opposed to chips...though after a few glasses of wine a LARGE cheese piece of pizza went down without a thought.  DAMN IT. sigh.
Baby steps and I will get back there!  I am adding my Fitness Tracker thing to this site in hopes that I will get back on the right track.

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